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This blog and website promotes and features blogs and articles from the parent site ANIMAL RIGHTS & WRONGS UK. The content is animal welfare orientated and is authored by someone who has worked for over four decades in various roles at the sharp end of animal welfare and animal law enforcement both in the UK and other countries, and has unfortunately witnessed most of the horrors of animal cruelty there is to see as well as suffering the frustration of never seeing an improvement in the way we treat animals.

Discouragingly during my lifetime, abuse has continued unabated and sadly, it would appear from past performance, that it is inescapable.

My blogs take a logical and an insightful look at animal welfare and rights issues across the board and suggest that we have relaxed our attitudes to issues rather than making a serious attempt to solve them. 

The constant theme of my writing is that we all need to change our mindset regarding their use and abuse, especially in pet keeping, and to make more of an effort to understand their needs and rights. I also feel that animal welfare professionals need to find inventive and alternative approaches in tackling animal abuse issues rather than seemingly accepting the status quo.

Go to ANIMAL RIGHTS & WRONGS UK and check out over 100 blogs and articles.

John Brookland

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